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Starting Point

Divorce and Custody Disputes are very traumatic events in the lives of those involved. Perhaps only the death of a family member is more stressful. So, it is very important that you understand your rights and responsibilities. It is crucial that you seek and receive competent and experienced counsel so that you know how best to proceed. Your personal and emotional health is at issue. Your financial status is certainly at risk. For many, there are children at risk. You need a skilled attorney, who is highly qualified and well respected by the Courts and by his peers.

There are many types of legal actions that fall under the parameter of Family Law, including Divorce, Dissolution, Post Decree Motions, Child Support, Pre-Nuptual Agreements, Juvenile Custody and many more. One of the first things that will be considered is which direction and type of action meets your needs. The attorney will assist you in making the best choice.

In proceeding with divorce and/or child support actions, information is very important. I would encourage you to gather as much information as possible about the financial status of the marriage while it still may be readily available. Though not critical, this is certainly helpful. This would include tax returns, pay stubs, bank and investment statements, bills and expenses, information regarding vehicles, insurance information, basically anything which helps to describe and verify what you own and what you owe.

Be prepared to interview one or more attorneys and to ask pointed questions about their credentials, qualifications and experience. Determine how well you communicate with the attorney and how comfortable you are feeling. The attorney is doing the same. Family issues require good communication between the Attorney and Client. You want an attorney that is honest and conducts themselves with integrity and ethically, an attorney that is not just telling you what you want to hear. Be prepared to ask about fees and the anticipated cost of the work as well. You need to evaluate your ability to afford the attorney as part of your overall consideration of who should represent you.

Be aware, that at such a difficult time, everything seems an emergency. You should seek advice promptly to determine if any true emergencies exist. But, understand that it is just as important to realize that making decisions under extreme stress and anxiety can be difficult. Please take the time and effort to take care of yourself and your love ones. Your health is paramount.

I have provided a lot of resource for you on this website. Please investigate and do your own research. No doubt it will help you formulate a list of questions. It may help you make some initial decisions on how you may like to proceed, but at the very least this will help make the meeting with the attorney more productive.

Please feel free to call or contact me to schedule a consultation so that you may explain your situation and I may answer your questions with greater detail.